Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rare Diamond Caret

Fine Crystal Jewelry Series.
In the previous post we can find series of diamond articles. That is a great diamond basic and useful for us. In this post we can find the next series.

Diamond Weight - Part Three

Beware when shopping for diamonds that are already set or mounted. If more than one diamond is used in the piece, the tag on the jewelry will give the CTW or Carat Total Weight – it does not tell you the carat weight of each stone in the piece. You need to ask the jeweler for the total carat weight of the largest diamond in the piece to truly understand what you are buying. This is an end of this article. After it, we can find other articles of diamond, like blue diamond, saphire and others.

Rare Diamond - Part Two

For every one million diamonds that are mined, only one will be found that is a quality one caret diamond. In order to find a two caret diamond, about five million diamonds must be mined. More than two hundred tons of ore must be mined to find one small diamond, and even then, more than 80% of the diamonds that are mined are only good for industrial use, such as diamond drill bits. This article is not end, wait for next part. And get other interesting stuff about jewelry in Fine Crystal Jewelry.

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