Friday, August 8, 2008

Diamond Weight and Clarity Part Two

Fine Crystal Jewelry Series.
In the previous post, Diamond Clarity Weight and Rare, we can reading part one of Diamond Weight and Diamond Clarity. In this post we can read part two of these.

Diamond Weight
- Part Two

However, in the far east, where Carob trees do not grow, rice was used to measure the weight of a diamond. If a diamond weighed as much as four grains of rice, it was four grains – or one carat as we know it to be now. The majority of diamond purchases are for diamonds that are 1/3 of a carat.

I hope you enjoyed to read the diamond article above, and don't forget it's to be continued.

Diamond Clarity - Part Two

Many people mistakenly think that diamond clarity refers to how clear it is. This isn’t so. Clarity actually refers to the internal and external imperfections of the diamond. The best diamonds, of course get a grade of FL or IF – Flawless or Internally Flawless – meaning that it is perfect. A grade of I-1, I-2 or I-3 means that the diamond is imperfect, with a grade of I-3 being the worst.

Get next Diamond Clarity series in the next post. Diamond Weight and Diamond Clarity are to be continued in Fine Crystal Jewelry.

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